The Concrete Fixing Cleat is a heavy duty, high capacity bracket specially designed for connecting roof trusses, rafters and beams to the top or sides of concrete masonry walls and steel beams. It can also be used to bolt down into mass timber LVL or glue-laminated timber beams. Concrete Fixing Cleats come in one convenient size suitable for a variety of fixing scenarios.


  • It can be bolted down into concrete masonry walls, or welded to the tops of steel beams to resist uplift and lateral loads.
  • It can be bolted to the sides of concrete masonry walls or steel beams to support trusses and beams to resist vertical and horizontal loads.


  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • The patented MiTek self-drilling screws are capable of driving though sheet metal barriers without any need for pre-drilling.
  • Options for additional screw fixings with heavier washers are provided to double the design uplift capacity.

ISO 9001 Statement