When using timber connectors on-site; especially load-bearing hangers & brackets, it pays to use the right product for the right job.  Anything else could severely compromise the safety and stability of the building.  

Before using a building product make sure it has passed these tests:

• Engineered Building Product
• Purpose-made for specific tasks
• Rigorously tested
• Met Australian Standards

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MiTek Compliance video!

MiTek have a huge range of engineered building products, made to answer specific on-site needs. All are designed and engineered to meet the individual requirements of each particular job. This is especially important when it comes to ensuring load-bearing requirements are met.
All of MiTek's engineered building products are rigorously tested and retested to ensure they pass and in most cases, exceed Australian Standards.

Licensed MiTek fabricators can offer the builder or developer an all-of-house solution. They can be a one-stop-shop for all prefabrication needs, including everything from roof trusses and wall frames right through to flooring and engineered building products!

Don't take risks; don't take short cuts  - insist on MiTek engineered & tested building products.