The Easy-Set Multi-Head press combines the rapid pressing cycle of multi head presses, with the speed and ease of setup associated with the popular Flo-jig Systems. Flo-jigs have been the main production facility of many truss plants, as they can readily handle a wide variety of truss shapes.

The Easy-Set Multi-Head press has been developed for short production runs and is capable of efficiently manufacturing many of the more complex truss shapes for which conventional multi head presses are not suitable. Generally, multi head presses have not been considered suitable for production runs of 10 trusses or less. However, on the Easy-Set, with quick action air clamps and measuring tapes incorporated in the jig, truss runs of one or two are feasible.

The production cycle time is also improved compared with other multi heads, as the Easy-Set Multi-Head press incorporates nail plate placement. Typically, cycle time for an A Type truss, including placing of timber and unloading finished truss, is 50 seconds. The flow of material to the press and the removal of finished trusses will determine the overall productivity of the machine.


  • Multiple press heads.

  • Quick pressing cycle.

  • Short set up time.

  • Suitable for short production runs.

  • Automatic Nail Plate feeders.

  • Retractable press heads.