The Kwikset Bottom Chord Press consists of a C-Frame press head mounted onto a carriage.  This travels manually between the pressing points of the truss bottom chord set up on a Flo-thru jig.  The bottom chord press works along-side a standard Portal or Gantry press system, where the existing press head is used to press top chord nail-plates. This halves the pressing time of each truss, significantly increasing production.

Designed to work fast, this press is very safe and simple. It can be supplied with a new press and Flo-Jig system, or installed in an existing system.


  • Works in conjunction with a standard Portal or Gantry Press system.

  • Can be supplied with new press and flo-jig or retrofitted to an existing system.

  • Decreases pressing time by approximately 50%.

  • Safe with two handed push button operation.

  • Minimum maintenance required.