Virtek's TrussLine® makes prefabricated wood and steel truss manufacturing so easy that even less experience workers are instantly productive. The system projects a laser template of the truss to be built onto the work surface, highlighting the position and shape of all truss joints and connector plates, and eliminatin the need for measuring, squaring and stringing. Even the most complex trusses can be set up in minutes.



Virtek's PanelLine™ makes panel manufacturing easy as 1-2-3.  There's no need to refer to blueprints or use a measuring tape, so even the most complicated wall or floor panel can be built in minutes.  The system projects a laser template of the panel members onto the work surface, showing workers how to assemble panels and sub-componetns.




  • Automated jigging integration.

  • TrussLine jigging software with TekSet™ pucks.

  • Automatically optimizes truss placement on table.

  • Production planning/scheduling and database reporting of set-up and build times, quantity produced, plus much more!

  • Real-time production tracking.

  • Auto-save of current projection data.

  • Completely sealed projector with advanced cooling system.

  • Simultaneous, customizable projected icon menus provide independent jig station control.

  • Intelligent projector with increased refresh rate; projection is unaffected by other Windows operations.

  • Advanced calibration algorithm compensates for temperature and position variations.

  • Field-replaceable Green laser module.



  • Reduce training and supervision costs.

  • Identify incorrectly cut or picked lumber instantly.

  • Minimise operator errors that result in rework.

  • Recall previous designs to rebuild damaged panels.

  • Maximise your computerised panel drafting investment.

  • Reduce paper usage through integrated electronic scheduling.