The AutoBench Mark 3 is a computer controlled wallplate trenching and docking machine, which can be linked to MiTek Australia Ltd's range of software.

Information from architectural plans is keyed into MiTek software programs which are used to detail panels and provide information on stud locations and openings in the wall frame plates.

Using a local terminal on the AutoBench Mark 3, the operator selects jobs and individual panels as they are required to be manufactured. The machine then automatically docks to length and trenches the top and bottom plates at each common stud and opening position. Top and bottom wall-plates are produced simultaneously even though plate thickness may vary.

The AutoBench Mark 3 is a very fast and accurate method of trenching and docking plates as the information is read direct from MiTek software, eliminating the possibility of omitting details from or misreading information from production sheets.


  • Computer controlled.

  • Fast and accurate (+/- 1mm) trenching and docking plates.

  • One person operation.

  • Data download via LAN or USB.

  • Well guarded for operator safety.

  • Minimises wastage.

  • Computer controlled push timber infeed.