MiTek's CYBER® A/T™ Saw offers the best that Advanced Technology has to offer.  It truly is the next generation in component cutters, and offers new and improved mechanical features that can take your plant to new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Faster, more accurate setups...Improve position resolution...Faster processing...and fewer calibrations...You can have it all with the CYBER A/T Saw.


  • Powered centerline adjustment for each of the five saws.

  • Powered angulation on all five saws.

  • Powered carriage travel.

  • Powered hold down adjustment, both vertical and horizontal.

  • Powered horizontal adjustment of infeed conveyors.

  • Powered lateral adjustment for in- and out-of-cut on (#5) Saw.

  • Powered vertical adjustment adjustment for out-of-cut on (#1), (#2), (#3), and (#4) Saw.

  • 24" wide full length scrap conveyor belt, powered by 1 hp gear motor.

  • Electronic lumber counter.

  • Heavy-duty 2120 Feed Chains with Pusher Lugs.

  • Rack and pinion micro--adjustable Lumber Stop.

  • Center Support Bar.

  • Right-handed Scarfing Skid Bar.

  • Tru-cut Tracking Blade.