MiTek Sapphire™


At its core is the concept of a complete digital computer model – enabling the design of the entire house or commercial structure as a single entity.  Featuring a genuine single 3D model, it will react the way you expect when certain objects share the same space.

MiTek Sapphire™ delivers a huge range of tangible advantages to fabricators including:

        a) Faster input (No duplication or export/import procedures required)
        b) Accurate designs of structural components – all covered by MiTek’s
            assurances and certified
        c) Cost savings via optimised inputs and designs
        d) The ability to communicate better with customers by providing plan and
            3D viewers for a real whole-house experience
        e) Real whole-house provides a single 3D model with visual clues about
            potential on-site issues as well as the ability to edit and change
            components in 3D ie:

            • Move a wall and have the floor system update automatically
            • Move a beam that’s below ceiling height up into the floor space and have
               the floor react to consume the beam
            • Use roof planes or rafters as a surface to rake walls to
            • Use 3D dimensioning tools to check opening heights against overhang

        f) Work towards a better safety net by allowing staff to be cross-trained
            much easier (Truss detailers & Frame detailers have the potential to
            simply become “Detailers” (or designers)

Whilst these features of MiTek Sapphire™ are definitely welcome, it is the benefits that impact most on operational efficiencies.  Functionality improvements, unprecedented power to perform, the ability to give the operator ‘ownership’ of a project to deliver faster, more consistent and more accurate results are the standout features .  The dynamic output capabilities of MiTek Sapphire™ and the speed with which it can implement change across all levels will impact on the whole life of a job...from initial brief to end product rolling up on-site.

Training - It can be a big step initiating a new program; however MiTek Sapphire™ (from a learning point of view) is an extension of MiTek 20/20.  20/20 is like a stepping stone...making the transition to MiTek Sapphire™ seamless – all with minimal training required.  Yet the transition from 20/20 to Sapphire is incredible. With exceptional functionality and efficiency for very little learning, the shift to MiTek Sapphire™ becomes very attractive and certainly something to look forward to.

MiTek Sapphire™ is real ‘whole-house’ software at its best, incorporating: roof layout, floor layout, wall frame and beam design software that works together as one entity in harmony, in accord.  You get full load path distribution models, geometry sharing, automatic detailing solutions and genuine 3D graphic awareness...all with the click of a mouse. 
MiTek Sapphire™ - the future of prefabrication software.

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