Eliminates T-Stiffeners or web braces on long compression webs

The Eliminator MkII is designed to replace timber T-stiffeners and web ties on long webs or compression webs which are carrying high loads.

Eliminator MkII is very useful in circumstances where web braces cannot be tied back to a rigid part of the structure. For example in truncated standard or truncated girder trusses where adjacent trusses have different web layouts.

When installed the Eliminator MkII does not protrude beyond the thickness of the truss so it allows for easy stacking of trusses.


  • Eliminator MkII, with screw fixings to the edge of the web, can be installed in the factory or on site.


  • Eliminator MkII has been designed to eliminate the need of fitting it to the web prior to truss assembly.

  • Allows for easy stacking of trusses.

ISO 9001 Statement