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MiTek Providing integrated solutions to the construction industry.

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Our Service

MiTek serves the residential construction market, providing the following expert services and solutions to three primary channels:

Component Manufacturers

Design, Drafting, and Estimation for Floor & Truss or Wall Panels & Components used in Single and Multi-Family Projects

Building Material Suppliers

HVAC, Electrical, Lumber, and Component Estimates; Kitchen & Bath Design, Drafting and Estimation; Window & Door Estimation

Residential Housing and Home Builders

Drafting, 3D Rendering, Estimating, and BIM

  • You manage the resource.
  • Dedicated to your team and your business.
  • Realize positive return on investment with as little as 13-15 hours of demand per week.
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Your MiTek partner is ready to help assess your unique business needs and determine the best option for you.