The HydraLITE is a cost effective computerised multi-head press

The HydraLITE is a cost effective computerised multi-head press combining the flexibility of a manual machine, with the speed and ease of computer controlled set-up on centre apex and bottom chord press heads.

Developed for short or long production runs, the HydraLITE features an improved manufacturing capability over conventional multi-head presses due to improved set-up times.

Movement of the centre apex press head (for height) and all bottom chord press heads are computer controlled. Camber adjustment, plate feed and top chord head positioning are controlled manually which provides significant cost savings on the machine.

The production cycle time is also improved compared with other multi heads, as the HydraLITE incorporates nail plate placement. Typically, assembly cycle time for an A Type truss, including placing of timber and unloading finished truss, is 50 seconds. The flow of material to the press and the removal of finished trusses will determine the overall productivity of the machine.

  •  Multiple press heads.
  • Quick pressing time.
  • Short set-up time.
  • Suitable for short production runs.
  • Automatic nail plate feeders.
  • Optional manual control.
  • Computerised positioning of apex press head and bottom chord press head.
  • Easily positioned manual top chord press heads.