Special Structural Products

For solving truss height problems

Eliminator MKIII

Eliminates T-Stiffeners or web braces on long compression webs.

The Eliminator MkIII is designed to replace timber T-stiffeners and web ties on long webs or compression webs which are carrying high loads.

Eliminator MkIII is very useful in circumstances where web braces cannot be tied back to a rigid part of the structure.

The design of webs with the Eliminator MkIII is included in the MiTek truss design software.

  • Stiffens long slender webs under compression against buckling out of plane.
  • Replaces timber T-Stiffeners and lateral binders.
  • May be fitted to web prior to truss assembly, or immediately after truss assembly at plant, or later on site.
  • Width matches timber thickness to facilitate stacking of trusses.
  • Rounded ends to ease fitting in tight places, and prevent injury.
  • Easy fixing with screws.


For solving truss height problems.

By designing truncated trusses and using extended top chords with a hinge plate joint, very high trusses can be easily manufactured in standard truss jigs. Once manufactured top chords can be bent to reduce the overall height and assist with the transport and installation of very high trusses.

This is particularly useful for large span trusses and trusses with high pitches such as attic trusses.

  • HingePlate provides a flexible connection to assist with the manufacture of very high trusses that cannot be produced on existing pressing equipment.
  • Eliminates over width problems when transporting.
  • Avoids the costly and time consuming alternative of producing ‘piggy-back’ trusses.