The TrussSpacer provides a fast and accurate method for the spacing and temporary bracing of roof trusses during installation. The TrussSpacer is fixed to the truss prior to lifting truss on to top plates. This significantly speeds up truss installation and improves site safety as installers do not have to work on unrestrained trusses.

The TrussSpacer can also be used as permanent lateral bracing for webs in standard roof trusses for domestic construction.


  • Pre-formed teeth for fast on-site fixing.

  • Product supplied with nail inserted.

  • Pre-fixed prior to lifting trusses into position.

  • Hook holds truss in position allowing both hands free for fixing off.


  • Improves safety during installation.

  • Speeds up installation.

  • No need to stand on unrestrained trusses.

  • No loose components to hold while in roof.

  • Accurately spaces trusses.

ISO 9001 Statement