For side fixing of roof trusses to 90mm girder truss bottom chords.

MidLoad Girder Brackets will support trusses 35mm to 90mm thick. The supported truss can be located on either side of the cleat making the location of the bracket much simpler. The MidLoad Girder Bracket is suitable for girder truss bottom chords of 90mm.


  • Universal Girder Brackets are designed to secure heavily loaded trusses, like truncated girder and secondary girder trusses to primary girder trusses.

  • MidLoad Girder Bracket use M12 bolts and are smaller than HiLoad Girder Brackets and therefore more suitable for lighter loads.

  • Hip Hold Down (optional) Combine CT1200 with Mid or HiLoad Girder Bracket for fixing hip and incoming girder truss connection.

ISO 9001 Statement