The MiTek IO Link is designed as an 'add on' to MiTek OptiFlow software. It is designed to connect up to six (6) physical inputs/switches to a PC via a simulated keystroke. The IO Link software then converts the simulated keystroke input to the actual keyboard stroke required to actuate an OptiFlow function.

IO Link's primary purpose is to automate common keyboard inputs strokes to the MiTek OptiFlow software, therefore increasing productivity and more importantly, the accuracy of your truss plants production feedback.


  • Automatically counts trusses made in OptiFlow.

  • Automates various functions in MiTek OptiFlow.

  • Improves quality of truss manufacturing data.

  • Six switch inputs.

  • Various electrical switch styles catered for.

  • Suits all truss manufacturing equipment.

  • Powered by 12 to 24V DC.

  • USB connection to host PC.