SAPPHIRE™ Viewer enables MiTek fabricators to share their 3-D models with anyone in the supply chain – owners, builders, architects or even finishing trades. This tool is more than a simple viewer, it’s a collaboration tool.

With Sapphire Viewer you can:

  • Quickly review SAPPHIRE™ Structure models in Plan and 3-D views using zoom and pan.
  • View elevation drawings.
  • Isolate items to view in the model such as a particular level or layer.
  • Print layout sheets.

The SAPPHIRE™ Viewer enables full interaction between parties, it includes revision tracking and enables queries to be asked with full workflows all communicated within the model file, a perfect solution for keeping track of all changes as the final model evolves. This tool also allows others to dimension and section the plan wherever and whenever they like.

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(This is a free download file in .zip format. This software is only available on Windows 64 bit machines running Windows 7 and newer)

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