The BeautPress Trojan is a high capacity platen press mounted on a heavy duty table. It is ideal for the manufacture of complex trusses and short production runs.

Available with a variety of table top options including J-Slot, Uni-Strut or Tapped Steel, enabling fast setup. The wide platen and alternate 50-60 tonne pressing capacity enable simultaneous pressing of multiple joints, therefore reducing pressing time.

The BeautPress Trojan is a robust, stand-alone press with ride on platform and easy to use controls. The press is suitable for the manufacture of hardwood and softwood trusses.


  • High Speed operation for the pressing of complex roof trusses.

  • Multiple jigging options.

  • Wide platen and 50-60 tonne pressing capacity.

  • Low maintenance, lightweight press head ensures faster acceleration and reduced costs.

  • Well guarded for operator safety.

  • Robust Construction.

  • Simple controls.