Can you afford to ignore the benefits of the MiTek Posi-Strut System?


Lighter materials and spending less time at heights reduces risk and strain on employees.

Why MiTek Posi-Struts are right for your next build.

MiTek Posi-Struts’ unique ‘open web’ design makes them the ideal solution for today’s building needs because they offer a wide range of real advantages and savings to the architect, engineer and builder. Posi-Struts are a truly customised, engineered flooring or roofing system, which combines the versatility of timber with the strength of steel.

Faster Installation

MiTek’s engineered design and Posi-Strut No Floor Hanger system streamline installation, reducing construction time by over 30%* compared to I-Joists.

Reduced Waste & Energy Efficient

Prefabricated components, combined with machine precision lead to minimal material waste and optimised energy consumption during installation.

Easy Access to Services

Posi-Strut webs provide easy access for service installation and maintenance in the floor zone. Energy code compliance makes Posi-Strut ideal, potentially reducing the need for soffits and increasing room heights.

Versatility & Customisation

Posi-Struts offer longer spans for diverse applications, enabling customisation to fit specifics project requirements.

Light-Weight Construction

Posi-Struts combine the lightness of timber with the strength of Steel so they are easy to handle which contributes to overall efficiency on-site.

Attract Trades to Your Job

Posi-Struts streamline structural floor installation, reducing time and minimising height-related risks for trades. Its user-friendly design makes it appealing for builders seeking efficiency and safety in their projects.

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* Results are based on actual comparative build utilising Posi-Strut No Floor Hanger system.