The stresses of cyclones, inclement weather and extremes of temperature, the space to indulge creative architectural design, and the overriding need in most projects to keep within a well defined budget, all place their particular challenges on roof designs.

Engineering experts at MiTek can make sure your roof trusses meet engineering and safety standards, and any special criteria - for example, projects in tropical cyclone areas, heavy snow loads, or extra heavy roof mounted hot water services can be catered for.

There's nothing better than knowing the roof of your project will stand up to the elements well before it's ever put to the test.

Once you get prefabricated roof trusses on site, you'll quickly discover their other benefits. They're quick and easy to install, saving time and labour costs. And they're accurate, because they're made in the factory using precision jigs, so there's no fuss on site.

It's not surprising that the Gang-Nail® Truss System is not only welcomed by all building authorities, but is proven in use by leading builders across Australia and the world.

So next time you're designing or building, talk to a MiTek Licensed Fabricator about the benefits of using prefabricated roof trusses. To find out where your nearest fabricator is located, use our Fabricator Locator facility.