Eliminates T-Stiffeners or web braces on long compression webs

The Eliminator MkIII is designed to replace timber T-stiffeners and web ties on long webs or compression webs which are carrying high loads.

Eliminator MkIII is very useful in circumstances where web braces cannot be tied back to a rigid part of the structure.

The design of webs with the Eliminator MkIII is included in the MiTek truss design software.


  • Stiffens long slender webs under compression against buckling out of plane.
  • Replaces timber T-Stiffeners and lateral binders.


  • May be fitted to web prior to truss assembly, or immediately after truss assembly at plant, or later on site.

  • Width matches timber thickness to facilitate stacking of trusses.
  • Rounded ends to ease fitting in tight places, and prevent injury.
  • Easy fixing with screws.

ISO 9001 Statement