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MiTek's PosiStrut App is an electronic catalogue giving instant access to information about PosiStrut ROOF and FLOOR trusses. It contains the latest installation guides, case studies and links to short, instructional videos demonstrating the amazing versatility of this ingenious truss.

Plus there's an easy to use inbuilt PosiStrut Floor Span Calculator that provides detailed information on serviceability and dynamic performance, to allow an informed choice of materials to be selected that best suit the job in hand.

The MiTek PosiStrut App gives ready access to valuable information about PosiStrut ROOF and FLOOR Systems…including a special section on MiTek's very popular PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes.  It is very easy to navigate, with a user friendly  search function plus the ability to go straight to a 'favourites' section.

A  'Help' section is available with standard Qs & As - and a 'Contact' feature where you can send in questions and have them answered by a qualified MiTek Engineer.

The MiTek PosiStrut App is a great reference tool for in the office or on-site.  Download the PosiStrut App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.




  • Easy to navigate

  • Colour-coded ROOF & FLOOR sections

  • Detailed installation guides and support literature

  • Informative video links

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