MiTek Guide

The MiTek Guide is a quick reference handbook

The MiTek Guide is a quick reference handbook designed to assist in the determination of the relevant MiTek fasteners and bracing products which comply with Australian Standards AS1684 and AS4440. It is also the best way to ensure the structural integrity of a building is not being compromised by the use of inappropriate or poorly manufactured building products.

With more severe penalties and a more stringent OH&S system it is now, more than ever, simply unacceptable to take unnecessary risks with untried and untested generic building products.   Plus, the MiTek Guide takes all the guesswork out of choosing building products for specific uses.  Re-work, required by building authorities, is a major threat to builders using the wrong or under rated product. 


Following changes to the Australian Building Code and Australian Standards, MiTek has released the Second Edition of the MiTek Guide. This edition incorporates the new Loading Code AS/NZS 1170, plus it complies with the BCA 2010.

There’s also some new MiTek Engineered Building Products featured in this latest edition.

Everyone involved in the design or construction of buildings should have a copy or CD of the MiTek Guide Edition 2.

Both are available at no cost from your nearest licensed MiTek fabricator…or can be downloaded on the right.


The MiTek Guide is in PDF format and has links to data sheets and drawings.  On this website the MiTek Guide is available for download as an executable self-installing package. 

To access the MiTek Guide you must download the installer package listed on the right.  If you wish to view the drawings you will need to download and install one or all of the separate drawing packages listed on the right.

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